My photographs explore the stories embodied in the landscape and what might be found by looking more closely. I believe there are deep connections between spirit and place. Everything that has happened here remains here, the spirit of a place accumulating where past and present converge. Personal memories and collective histories combine to form our relationship to the land where we live. I am tied to this landscape by personal history and memory, but this place, like all places, holds a record rich in our collective history. This record is written in the flatness, folds, flora, and fauna. It is discernible in the strata of earth and rock, erosion by wind and water, and the cycle of growth and decay by the forces of nature. 


All of my photographs are created with film, using a variety of old manual cameras. Film possesses a mysterious quality in that one cannot see a picture right away. A latent image is suspended on the film’s surface until it undergoes chemical development in a wet darkroom. This intervening period of time between recording an image and inspecting its physical manifestation enables a contemplative approach to choosing my subjects and serves my role as an attentive observer. As a temporal medium, photography reflects on the past and reveals truths about the present. My search for what was leads me to understand who we are. By deepening our awareness, acknowledging the natural rhythms, and honoring those who came before us, we strengthen our shared connections, to the land and to each other, and nurture ourselves as stewards of this sacred space.